New trends
New trends

FTA: new trends

Adaptive learning, multimodal teaching and culture of coaching

Since its relaunch in May 2017 on the occasion of Soilmec Open Days, FTA continues to evolve adopting new technologies in corporate and professional training. Constantly increasing investment in skills development is a key driver for innovation.

FTA approach to training professionals combines adaptive learning, multimodal teaching and a culture of coaching. 2017 showed stability in the use of instructor-led programs (79%) and revealed growing demand for customized on-field training (21%). The trend is common for different markets (both developed and emerging) and geographic areas. We also had a feeling that most of FTA customers would be receptive to e-learning opportunities. Tools for content development and delivery, digital readers, virtual delivery, reinforcement, content libraries, gaming and cloud-based administration systems are bringing changes to the market that will have a lasting impact for years to come.

FTA hybrid education aims at combining classroom practices with computer-mediated activities regarding content and delivery to improve the learning experience while minimizing the impact on employee downtime. We are currently creating new training content for online and classroom use: interactive 3D models, explanatory videos, audio contents and technical documents to maximize engagement with our students. FTA is also considering building social learning communities and functions to enable peer-to-peer sharing and learning. We also expect job aids and simulations to be integrated in our learning techniques shortly.

Mauro Dentesano, Soilmec LCS Director and FTA Manager says: “FTA relaunch is an important part of Soilmec investment for client service expansion. We extend our gratitude to Soilmec customers and business partners that have shared and supported our passion for innovation. Their loyalty and trust empower FTA in crafting new and effective learning journey”.