Hydraulic Piling Rigs Courses - Crawler Crane Courses

This course is based on CBT technology and includes the use of a multimedia platform on tablets. Its aim is to provide in-depth knowledge on rigs & technologies. The course uses PDF technical documents, video-animation and 3D content. If the course is held at Trevi Group headquarter (Italy), in addition to the multimedia component on CBT, training meetings can also be organized with specialist personnel, so as to gain practical experience on the single components. The CBT course employs a hierarchical structure to assess the level of learning achieved by personnel. The System includes a test at the end of each learning unit which, upon a positive result, gives access to the next topic. Each student will be provided with a username and password in order to be able to verify, through a software manager, their progress in learning and to provide the client with final feedback on each participant.


Technologies Training

The course is designed for both staff involved in the foundation sector for civil engineering industry and those without any direct experience. The course provides specific knowledge about the technology, the related application fields and also the various kinds of machines used. The Technologies trainings are offered to an audience composed by Site Managers, Field Engineers, Foreman and Rig supervisors.

  • LDP - Large Diameter bored Piles
  • CFA & CAP/CSP – Continuous Flight Auger & Cased Augered/Secant Piles
  • TJ – Deep soil mixing & Turbojet®
  • DW – Diaphragm Walls
  • MD – Microdrilling
  • JG – Jet Grouting


Rigs Training

The course is designed for operators and technicians that work with special foundation machines. The course provides a specific technical and working knowledge of the Soilmec rigs, of their controls and operational sequence. The course provides specific troubleshooting and routine and non-routine maintenance knowledge. The Rigs trainings are offered to an audience composed by Operators, Rig supervisors, Mechanics, Hydraulic technicians, Electricians and Software engineers.

  • SR-30/40/60/80 EVO
  • SR-45/75 ADV
  • SR-95/125/145 HIT
  • SF-50/65
  • SC-50/70 HD
  • SC-90/120 HD
Site Managers and Field Engineers
Operators and Assistant Operators
Mechanics and Hydraulics Technicians
Electricians and Software Engineers

Training Course Topic Duration Program Audience Contact Us
SR-30/40/60/80 EVO 4 days Download
SR-45/75 ADV 4 days Download
SR-95/125/145 HIT 4 days Download
SF-50/65 4 days Download
SC-50/70 HD 4 days Download
SC-90/120 HD 4 days Download
Large Diameter Bored Piles 4 days Download
CFA - CAP - CSP Piles 4 days Download
Deep Soil Mixing - Turbojet 3 days Download
Diaphragm Wall - Hydromill 4 days Download
Micro drilling 4 days Download
Jet grouting 4 days Download