Trevi Galante
Trevi Galante

Course for Trevi Galante in Bogotà

From July 7th to 19th

The FTA course named “Curso capacitacion Ingenieros Residentes“ was held from July 7th to 19th for 13 site managers from Trevi Galante S.A. (Colombia). It was a 10-day training course in Spanish intended to enhance previous studies of geotechnics of the site managers. The teachers presented the latest safety and quality control regulations, the recent drilling fluids innovations, the current concrete technology improvements and the new regulations on the safe use of lifting equipment and loads handling.

The topics were developed in class through presentations, videos and drawings. The students spent four hours per day after their working time on Trevi job site and, despite of the effort required, all the participants successfully passed the final exams (they made a test at the end of each topic).

The 13 students attending targeted training programs appreciated the expertise and the training ability of the FTA instructors, their deep knowledge of the ground engineering business, the strong communication and interpersonal skills and the passion for continuous learning. A big thank you to Stefano Margozzi (Trevi), Eduardo Ferber (Trevi Pilotes Argentina) and Tommaso Gondolini (FTA).