5° Workshop on Deep Foundations Technologies

November 28-30, 2018. Trevi and Foundations Technology Academy (FTA) hosted the fifth of its periodic workshops on Deep Foundations Technologies, carried out, for the second time, as a webinar. 100 people from Trevi Group global network in the US, South America (Chile, Columbia, Venezuela, Argentine), Europe (Sweden, France, Germany, Austria, Italy), Middle East (Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE), Africa (Algeria, Nigeria), Australia, Hong Kong and the Philippines were connected together by the web to share their knowledge and experience of Jet Grouting technology, the workshop main theme.

The webinar was broadcasted live, thus connecting 20 students in Trevi’s headquarters and 80 participants overseas. The class was taught by Giovanni Preda, Technical Advisor on Design, Research and Development and set-up by Tommaso Gondolini, Technical Training Specialist.

The program was focused on Jet Grouting construction methods, design approach, equipment innovations, checks and surveys, waste management, common issues in execution and troubleshooting.

All the training was supported by multiple case studies, since the best lessons are learned through experience. The effectiveness was enhanced thanks to an online discussion forum. Live Q&A sessions increased students’ motivation and provided new paths for exploration and discovery.

The webinar has been recognized as an excellent way to distribute knowledge while building collaborative strategies, thus providing students with a new and effective way to learn within the ground engineering division and also to share know-how and experience with technical and commercial departments of the Trevi Group companies all around the world.