Field Training
Field Training

Field Training

Site Managers and Field Engineers Training - Operators Training - Technicians Training

As a completion of the classroom courses, FTA can provide direct on-site assistance to the customer. The course is aimed at widening the competences of the operator with regards to the hydraulic, electric/electronic and mechanic operations of Soilmec machines, as well as providing the basis for the analysis of excavation working performances according to the soils and tools used. Field training has been proven to remarkably increase operator productivity and substantially reduce rig downtime while increasing safety awareness. Our technical personnel will track the phases that range from the positioning to the initial operational phases. The technicians will work alongside the operating staff to guarantee the correct usage of the rig without putting the safety of inexperienced personnel at risk. Assistance is provided to all personnel on site such as operators, assistant operators, mechanical technicians and electricians.


Site Managers and Field Engineers
Operators and Assistant Operators
Mechanics and Hydraulics Technicians
Electricians and Software Engineers

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